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Island Hopping Holidays - More Than One Island ?

We have prepared some twin island special offers for visitors to enjoy a twin island holiday at the very best price available. 

These offers include the inter island flight for FREE.

Two Groups Of Islands Form The Dutch Caribbean

The ABC or Leeward Islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao

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Bonaire is a small island, in the southern Caribbean, warm and sunny in January or July - "perfect" all year. In 1979 the people of Bonaire voted to protect the island's environment and resist over-development - 25% of the island is set aside for conservation schemes. Bonaire has been the winner of the "Sustainable Tourism Award". No mass tourism, no theme parks, no high rise hotels and just one set of traffic lights. Lots of things to do - out and about - or a great place to do nothing at all. Legal protection has ensured the reef and ocean environment are in superb condition. Bonaire is recognised as having the most diverse marine life in the Caribbean. Bonaire is one of the best scuba diving and snorkelling destinations in the world. Bonaire's island motto is Divers Paradise.
is Bonaire's near neighbour - just 20 minutes away by plane. The west coast of Curacao is 37 miles of beautiful, pristine coastline, 38 secluded coves with sandy beaches and a warm clear ocean, ideal for relaxing, shore diving and water sports. Curacao's capital, Willemstad is a UNESCO world heritage site - with over 700 historically interesting buildings. Curaçao has a wide choice of activities to enjoy, outdoor sports on land and sea, natural attractions, plus tours and excursions. Most of the island is undeveloped, unspoilt and very peaceful - no mass tourism, no theme parks or fun fairs. Curacao is famous for its superb scuba diving. The reef and ocean are strictly protected. The underwater habitat is in excellent condition, with a huge variety of species close to shore. Curacao, and its close neighbour Bonaire, are rated by U.K., U.S. and European dive magazines as two of the best diving destinations in the world.   Please click the Island links above for more information about these two wonderful islands. Click on the image of the leaflet on the right to see a selection of twin island offers

The SSS or Windward Islands - Saba, St. Martin and St. Eustatius.

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Saba is "off the beaten track", called the "Unspoiled Queen" because of the protected natural habitats, home to a diverse and thriving wildlife. A small, quiet island, Saba will appeal to those who appreciate an unspoiled natural environment and peaceful surroundings. The overwhelming appeal is the opportunity to completely unwind and discover the natural beauty of this island - in the rain forest or the ocean. European divers have only recently discovered the fantastic diving on this tiny island. Saba is a dormant volcano that rises steeply from the ocean - hot springs, lava tunnels, huge pinnacles that rise to within 25 metres of the surface and massive walls. Due to the clear water conditions divers and snorkellers can see some wonderful underwater features, marine creatures and larger ocean-roaming creatures.
St. Martin/ Sint Maarten and Saba are close neighbours. St. Martin has 37 superb beaches, lively nightlife and lots of activities - something for all visitors to enjoy. The island is not over developed or commercialised. Visitors who appreciate the natural environment will enjoy St. Martins' lush vegetation and spectacular scenery. Crystal clear warm water makes the ocean perfect for a range of water sports. St. Martin is recognised as a fantastic dive destination, but is relatively unknown by divers from the UK and Ireland. The ocean has a wide variety of sea life, fantastic coral formations, pinnacles, caves and several wrecks. St. Martin is a good choice for families, or groups, of divers and non-divers.
Click the links above on the island pages for more information about these wonderful islands.
Click on the image of leaflet to see a selection of twin island offers

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More Than One Island

Island hopping gives you a great opportunity to visit more than one island, experience different lifestyles, attractions and ocean life. Only a specialist like us - with local expertise and an extensive range of accommodation and services to offer on each island - can give such a comprehensive service. Variety is the "spice of life" - which sums up the Caribbean perfectly.

We can combine two or more of these wonderful islands with an itinerary – to suit you - flights, accommodation, vehicle hire, meals, diving etc. on each of the islands. Although hopping from one island to another is quick and easy, we recommend 7 days on an island, to make the most of the island and take best advantage of accommodation rates. However, our "tailor made" policy means we can prepare a holiday itinerary with varying days/nights on any combination of Dutch Caribbean islands - it is always your choice.


Click the "Request a Holiday Quote" panel and select the number of nights you would like on each island

We are very experienced with "multi-island" holidays – sometimes more than three islands in one trip. You can experience and enjoy different "types" of island life - some islands are relaxed and quiet - others livelier with a vibrant Caribbean nightlife. All have a lot of attractions and activities to enjoy.
The islands are famous for their spectacular diving and snorkelling. This is an exciting opportunity for visitors to experience a variety of excellent diving. The islands have some of the best reefs and wrecks in the world - a fantastic diversity of marine creatures and geological features - in addition to an interesting variety of ocean conditions. It's a great chance to enjoy a variety of diving experiences in one trip.

Fly To One Island . . . . Fly Back from Another


We can book flights from Europe to the island of your choice and return to Europe from another island - using a local Caribbean airline for the inter-island flights. We will book all the inter island flights as part of your holiday itinerary. As they are part of our itinerary the inter-island flights are also protected by our ATOL bond. Our experience with the local airlines is yet another area where local knowledge takes the hassle and anxiety out of trying to cobble together an itinerary which can become complex and expensive. Not only that - we'll be cheaper. As always - it's safer, easier and cheaper to book though us.

Flexibility to offer a better fare / route

From time to time, we might suggest a route from Europe to your Caribbean destination - flying via another island. A short inter island flight might mean a better schedule or save you money - and that is always a good plan. We would advise all details - including luggage allowances - if we included an inter island flight in your itinerary.